another cell phone demo

by doubt

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some more songs i recorded on my cell phone. mostly not new ones, that i have been sitting on for many months. they had to escape. maybe one day ill have a real album cover.


released March 24, 2019

everything was written or improvised, played, recorded, etc. by me




doubt Birmingham, Alabama

anti-americana/anarcho-country for gay outlaws

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Track Name: you're a better anarchist than me
my dog's a better anarchist than me
i always tell him what to do and make him get out of the street
i aint nothin but his yellow vested protest peace police
i wish that i could just let him roam free

and my cat's a better anarchist than me
he always breaks my shit and riots when he wants some more to eat
ive always envied how he never cared what i could think
i just hope one day i could be that free
Track Name: awake
i am
still here, but i'm
so fucking tired, all i
really wanna do is lay down and expire
but i
drank three cups of coffee, now my
brain is wired, and i'm
thinkin' of how it seems like everyone's a liar

and i wish
would set
this whole damn town
on fire

i think i'll
run away, to an
awful place
take some refuge in the things
that i hate

there's somethin' left to say, it feels like
everything's too late
there's water rising at the flood gates

and i'm wishing i was aimless as the day i pulled my roots
lately it's been hard enough to think of puttin' on my shoes
so i

walk barefoot
instead of doin' what i know i should, and i think
of what i could do
if i could just feel awake
if i could just feel alive
Track Name: circles
aint much i can do, but i'll promise you
i can fake it i can fake it can fake
till i, till i find something new

i hate to speak, 'cause i dont know what's true
i can make it, i cant make it, i can make it
i just dont know, just dont know what to do

it seems there's nothing i can say that could explain
or help you understand
or even help me understand
my own confusion and dismay

i'm sick of sounding the same
these words and chords have been sung better before
i might think i've grown, but still i run and run and run and run
in my circles
till the day is done

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